application/pdfCatch_Up_Club_Cash_Transfer_Evaluation_ReportCatch-Up Clubs (CuC) Dream is a remedial learning program in 20 primary schools in rural Lilongwe, Malawi. It offers a 13-week curriculum to help struggling students catch up and supports children's progress in school by focusing on literacy and social-emotional learning through play-based methods. This two-year project, starting in April 2022, has reached 3,600 learners in grades 3 to 5. It provides remedial education, child protection support for at-risk children, and cash and voucher assistance for economically vulnerable families. This report shares evaluation findings of the cash transfer component.16/04/20242MB
application/pdfIRI Newspaper FeatureA newspaper feature in one of Malawi's Leading Dailies - The Daily Times - capturing impacts of the Interactive Radio Instruction 27/02/20231MB
application/pdfSponsorship Dissemination Conference in PictutrsOn 2nd September 2022, Save the Children hosted a National Dissemination celebrating and sharing impacts culminating from 13years of its implementation. This pictorial shares highlights of the event06/10/20224MB
application/pdfThe Smaller PictureA closer look at the children who inspire us in Malawi27/11/2018319KB
application/pdfLessons in Literacy12/10/20166MB
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