Save the Children works to create opportunities for every child to learn. We give attention to vulnerable children to improve inclusion, and Save the Children has employed diverse methods to incorporate children with different disabilities. Since Covid 19, Children in Malawi are paying a huge price to sustain their right to education. However we strongly believe that lessons can be learnt during this crisis if the right investments are made and policies put in place.

 As one way of promoting learning amidst Covid 19, Save the children introduced Tisewere Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) programs to ensure continued learning and development at home. Under this project, parents were oriented on how they can support their children’s learning by following the radio instructions and children benefitted from IRI programs. This was a new initiative, and with prolonged school closures due to the pandemic, the project plans to invest in these efforts so that a lot of children including those with hearing impairment and those from ultra-poor households should also benefit. We aim at accelerating progress on education and particularly for the most marginalized and vulnerable children.