Child Protection

Child Protection is a growing sector at the Malawi Country Office and justifiably so as it is evident that all Save the Children programmes involve child protection. This sector, however, aims to specifically target groups exposed to or at risk of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. The core themes of focus are: Violence Against Children; Child Labour; Child Rights Governance and Child Participation. Save the Children is recognised as a national leader in eliminating child labour in tobacco value chains; child rights governance and formal and informal child protection systems strengthening as well as case management.

Child Protection is however, the smallest sector in terms of budget but the third in terms of geographic coverage. The overall goal at the country level for the Child Protection sector is All children, especially the most vulnerable, live and grow up in a safe environment; and benefit from greater public investment and better use of society’s resources in realizing their rights. It is that formal and informal child protection systems that are strong work in harmony and are effective at preventing and responding to all forms of violence against children in accordance with internationally acceptable standards.