Child Protection

As it is in many countries, the harsh reality is that children in Malawi are facing neglect, exploitation, abuse and violence which is against the future and hope of the world. A child dies every 7 minutes as a result of violence. Save the Children works with children, families, communities and societies to ensure necessary laws and policies that support the protection of children are heightened. We work to respond to all forms of violence against children and to further prevent exploitation and abuse.

 We stand for our children’s protection and conduct intensive awareness programs to ensure children are protected from all possible harm and enable them realize their full potential. We make coordinated efforts and create modified strategies and approaches to protect the most vulnerable children and to ensure that their rights are protected.

Currently, Save the Children is working to strengthen families and caregivers to protect children from violence, promoting the implementation of laws and policies, working with the Government and other partners to improve child protection systems, listening to and involving children more and providing strong services for children.