Child Poverty

Malawi has one of the youngest populations in the region; slightly over half of its 15 million people is under 18 years (UNICEF 2014). This means millions of children in Malawi are affected by persistent poverty made worse by food insecurity and rising food prices. In addition, climate change has caused frequent natural disasters which negatively affected household economies and food security and led to loss of assets over time leading to extreme poverty for many households requiring social support.

We work to ensure that all children in Malawi benefit from age-appropriate opportunities that enable and/or enhance their survival, development, protection and participation. The objective of the Child Poverty thematic focus area is to reduce the numbers of girls and boys in extreme poverty and of young people without hope and skills for better lives. Save the Children, through the Child Poverty sector, strives to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty by putting children and young people at the heart of its action to reduce poverty; to strengthen the low and insecure incomes that prevent children from surviving, learning and being safe; and thereby stop the transmission of poverty to future generations.