application/pdfPPE Distribution News CoverageUnder our ECHO supported project, we have been procuring and distributing PPEs and WASH Supplies to aid the fight against COVID-19. One of Malawi's leading dailies, The Nation Newspaper, covered the event in this article09/02/20213MB
application/pdfSave the Children COVID-19 Response Impact ReportThis report gives an in- depth of how Save the Children responded to Coronavirus globally.01/03/20218MB
application/pdfNutrion Multi-Year Budget AnalysisAn analysis of the budget allocations in key sectors where nutrition is mainstreamed and Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) have clear nutrition mandates from MGDS III and MNNSP. District focus is mainly on budgetary allocations in the 3 key sectors of education, health and agriculture for the last 2-3 years. National budgetary allocation towards nutrition was explored for 4 years (2016 - 2020). 07/07/2021272KB
application/pdfREVIEW OF NUTRITION RELATED POLICIES, STRATEGIES AND REGULATThis report presents findings of the review of nutrition related policies, strategies and regulatory frameworks in Malawi07/07/20211MB
application/pdf2019/20 FINANCIAL YEAR NATIONAL NUTRITION BUDGET ANALYSIS 2019/20 FY national nutrition budget analysis was commissioned by Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET), Save the Children Malawi, Civil Society Nutrition Alliance (CSONA) and the Malawi Government07/07/2021730KB
application/pdfNational Child Participation GuidlinesDeveloped by the Government of Malawi with Save the Children Support, these guidelines are the culmination of six years of advocacy and technical guidance.23/12/20213MB
application/pdfEmergency Health Unit in MalawiAt the pick of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Save the Children Emergency Health Unit arrived in Malawi and for a period of three months provided support to the Ministry of Health. One of Malawi's leading daily captured their work10/01/2022361KB
application/pdfDoor-to-Door COVID-19 Jabs for the ElderlyWith support from the EU, Save the Children is implementing a number of initiatives aimed at boosting COVID-19 vaccine uptake. Door-to-door jabs for the elderly is one of the initiatives. Take a look at how this is work02/02/20222MB
application/pdfNational Child Participation GuidelinesIn 2020, Malawi launched its first ever national child participation guidelines. SCI influenced and supported the development of the guidelines.03/02/20223MB
application/pdfNational Child Participation Strategy - 2021This strategy has been developed to facilitate smooth implementation of National Child Participation Guidelines by among other things help to mobilize resources for child participation, build capacities of children to participate and the capacities of duty bearers to facilitate meaningful participation on issues that affect children at community, district and national levels. Save the Children supported the development this strategy03/02/20222MB
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