Thursday 9 September 2021

RED project to the Rescue of Mayaka Village

High poverty rates continue to affect youth’s access to education in Zomba, threatening their sense of independence and future. Nevertheless, the youth hailing from Mayaka village have tremendously benefitted from Resilience Economic Development (RED) Project, implemented by Save the Children, aimed at among others, empowering the youths with different sets of skills. Currently the youth in the area are learning how to become fashion designers, phone technicians and motor cycle repairers.

Saturday 12 June 2021

Trocaire rolls out Covid Response in Mangochi

It would not be surprising if Mangochi was one of the districts that recorded high numbers of Covid 19. After all, it is easily accessed by neighbouring countries and it is highly populated. But this is not the reality on the ground for the district. With Trocaire rolling out the Covid 19 response project funded by ECHO, the district has managed to keep the infection rate as low as possible and managed the infections that were there.

Saturday 12 June 2021

Mwanza District swiftly deals with Covid 19 with Save the Children

Mwanza district has benefitted greatly from the ECHO funded project, implemented by Save the Children, aimed at dealing with the spread of the Covid 19 and the combatting of its effects altogether. Currently, the Mwanza District Health Office has no active cases, but only one case is reported from the community.

Friday 11 June 2021

Covid-19 Response Project to Fruition in Mulanje

CARE Malawi’s implementation of the Covid-19 response in Mulanje is proving more useful as the district progresses in its infection control. The project funded by ECHO, has the main objective  of reducing the spread of Covid-19 by strengthening health facilities, improving access to wash facilities, supporting national, district and community preparedness and response, ensuring rapid response to protect lives and livelihoods in a gender sensitive way.

Friday 11 June 2021

Goal Malawi forefront in Blantyre COVID 19 fight

Goal Malawi has been on the forefront in the fight of Covid 19 in the district of Blantyre. In the efforts to contain the virus, interventions by the organization were made, recognizing the strain that the pandemic has posed on both our health care system and the communities at large.

Tamanya Hara, Director of Planning and Development (DPD) in Blantyre District Council said that the targeted Covid 19 response by ECHO through Goal Malawi has greatly helped district manage the pandemic.