Friday 20 January 2017

Hanging by a Thread

They may be from the same household, but compared to their older brother, Musa’s twin sisters Hanifa and Hajira started their lives a world apart. Just shy of 2 years, the twin girls have spent their first 22 months in a condition that no child should have to endure. Since birth, they have not had proper diets, and today – are on the brink of being severely malnourished.

Born in March 2015, the twins came in at a difficult time for their family as well as for the nation of Malawi when the country was barely recovering from the worst floods to hit it for decades.

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Struggling to Survive: the Effects of El Niño on Malawi

We have reached a stage where climate change can no longer be looked at as a fallacy – in Malawi it is evidently taking away people’s livelihoods. Today in Malawi, droughts and floods are more severe and frequent than they used to be.

A study by the Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee (MVAC) has shown that the climatic phenomenon, El Niño is responsible for putting up to 6.5 million people (39% of the country’s population) at risk of being food insecure during the 2016/17 consumption period. 

Wednesday 13 April 2016

International Agencies Call for Urgent Action as Malawi Declares a Food Emergency

Oxfam, Concern Universal, Concern Worldwide, Save the Children and GOAL today welcomed the Government of Malawi’s decision to declare an emergency in response to a further looming hunger in the country. They called on the Government, Malawi’s donors and the international community to immediately respond to this declaration by providing the necessary support to meet the scale of the food crisis.

Thursday 11 February 2016

From Resilience to Sustenance

Eluby Chabwera and her family’s normal routine of subsistence farming was temporarily halted when flooding affected their crops in early January 2015. Due to the heavy rains, almost all their crops were washed away, giving them the lowest yield they have ever encountered as a household. Eluby has two sons, Rafiki and Talandira, but she also looks after her sister’s daughter, Emily.

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Healing and Education Through Arts in Camps

The scale of the disaster in the Lower Shire has wreaked havoc on the densely populated country of Malawi, where most people survive from subsistence farming. Crops of maize have been destroyed, villages obliterated, homes swept away and livestock killed.

Despite the predicament, there are children who have survived to tell their tales. While they crowd in tents in the camps, where there are no comforts as they might have used to enjoy at home, they begin to feel safe in their new families.