Trocaire rolls out Covid Response in Mangochi

Saturday 12 June 2021

It would not be surprising if Mangochi was one of the districts that recorded high numbers of Covid 19. After all, it is easily accessed by neighbouring countries and it is highly populated. But this is not the reality on the ground for the district. With Trocaire rolling out the Covid 19 response project funded by ECHO, the district has managed to keep the infection rate as low as possible and managed the infections that were there.

The Non-Communicable Disease Coordinator for Mangochi District Health Office, applauded the work that Trocaire has done in the district.

He said, “There are so many benefits that can be pointed out. We have had trainings for over 84 health workers in five health centres and they were trained on how to manage and diagnose infections, as a result of which we have had a very high recovery rate. There is also vast logistical support in terms of fuel and airtime that help in the daily activities of the hospital.”

Speaking in an interview, Henry Chimtengo, Senior Medical Assistant at Malombe Health Centre in Mangochi, said the ECHO project trained them on how to properly manage Covid 19 patients.

“Even though we were not testing patients here, we were taught how to handle possible infections all the way until they are referred to a testing facility.

Our water pump was also stolen but through the intervention, Trocaire has purchased us a new water pump, various PPEs and wash items,” Chimtengo said.

Anderson Kazembe is the Chairperson for Malombe Community Civil Protection Committee and he said the ECHO Project has had a profound impact on their lives, not only as a community but also individually.

“We have witnessed the benefits that this project has brought to us in such a way that the community understands clearly on issues of Covid 19 and we are taking an active role in the efforts to eradicate the pandemic altogether.

ECHO is funding the Covid 19 response project and Mangochi is one of the districts in the Southern Region in which the project was implemented.