Changing Lives with Anticipatory Action Project: The Case of 49-Year-Old Dorothy

Thursday 10 November 2022


My name is Dorothy Makhasu from Muhilili village in T/A Mbiza, Zomba. I am 49 years old and I am currently taking care of five children. My last born son is 3 years old but he is malnourished, he doesn’t walk, speak nor does he eat on his own. He was born premature but soon after his birth, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and malaria. However, two years later he just fainted, and when we visited the hospital, we were told it is epilepsy and that was a genesis of another disease. I am a mother who has gone through a lot of pain in taking care of my last born child who even at the age of 3 am still breast feeding him.


I have been surviving from hand to mouth especially during the lean season. We rarely have harvest each and every year. My children and I depend on the husband whose effort is not enough to feed 7 people.  It is hard for to do most of the farming activities because my son here is supposed to be at my back. The fact that I am supposed to be breast feeding him, makes the matters worse. Just like the other years, this year I did not harvest well.


Anticipatory action project, is not just a project per say to me but it is also an answer to my prayers. It is a hope to the hopeless, and a genesis of a new better life to most of us.  As for this year, I was not sure about where I am going to get food. I started buying food back in June and as I am speaking am supposed to visit the market for only 2kgs maize flour for lunch. This project will help me a lot because I could not afford to buy even 25kgs of maize, it could be very disastrous.  In the first place, I was doubting but today I am thumbing as I have received an alert that my phone has been recharged with and I will cash out the money to buy the food staffs.


I received the sum of 75,000.00 MK to serve me for three months. All my preparations am making right now, am planning for these three months. As I already said that I have a sick child, who needs enough food for him to grow strong and heathier. I have bought a bag of maize for Nsima at 24,000.00MK, a mat to be sleeping on and a chicken for layering. It’s a chapter of a new life because I have invested some money in my village bank servings. I want to change my life and the lives of my children.


Let me be honest, this year it could be hard for me to do my own farming because I could spend all the farming period doing piece works in order for me to buy my daily foods. It could also be hard for my children to attend the classes because they could be going on an empty stomach. But with this maize, I will have enough time to do farming. As I am speaking right now am coming from the farm, I am afraid you could not even meet me. I am sure that next year I will have a start pack of food. And with the chicken I have bought, I will be able to have some eggs for food especially for my sick child. Things will not be same as it was last year, I will have a better life now.


Save the Children has given us a life time opportunity, I mean this approach is different. In some cases, it could be a response after the hunger has already stricken us. We could not make right decisions when we have been given the money during such times. But now we have a choice to multiply the money, we have a chance to buy food when it is still affordable. I have food in stock, I have cash in my servings, I have a chicken now. I appreciate the kindness and the support. It will change and save many lives. Thank you SAVE THE CHILDREN.