16 Year Old Realizes His Dream Through RED Project

Thursday 9 September 2021

It takes massive determination, hard work and commitment to build a lifestyle that manifests a dream into a reality that everyone hugely desires. Thokozani a 16 year old boy from Kavithiwa has challenged people in his area that age says nothing about your capability if you put your mind to your goals.

Through Red Economic Development (RED) project implemented by Save the Children, Thokozani has put his dreams to reality. Growing up in a very poor household, accessing education was a very difficult thing and he eventually dropped out of school. However, his dream was to become a technician.

Thokozani applauded RED project that is being funded by Save the Children Italy on the developments it has brought in his life, now that he is in the process of making his dreams come true.

He said, “I was very happy when I heard the news that Save the Children is rolling out RED project in my area, and that they are targeting youths that are school dropouts. I did not hesitate, I availed myself and by the grace of God, I was given an opportunity to choose what I would like to be trained in. I chose to be trained as phone technician.”

Thokozani stipulated that RED project has immensely helped the youth in his area. He says some are now motor cycle technicians, phone technicians while others are being trained to become fashion designers.

“I am not the only one benefitting from this project. I have other friends across the road that are being trained to be motor cycle technicians. When I complete this training, I would like to open a booth where I can fix people’s phones and earn money. I would also want to teach others how to become a phone technician

In an interview, Francis  who has been assigned to train various youths on how to become successful phone technicians hailed his students for showing zeal and attention to the lessons he has been taking them through.

Francis said, “I am happy that I was given the opportunity to impart knowledge to a wonderful group of youths that are very enthusiastic to learn. I believe that if they put in hard work and take that which I have taught them, they will succeed in this field because it is highly rewarding since everyone is owning a phone these days.”

Francis also expressed his joy in seeing that he has more girls in his class and very young students.

“It is very rare to see ladies pursuing this path in career and I am very glad to have them here. I also teach Thokozani who is 16 years old but he is able to perform almost all tasks. All those customers you see are waiting to be helped by my students, and I am very happy to see this.”

Save the Children Italy is funding the RED project and Kavithiwa is one of the villages in which the project is being implemented.